And So It Begins

“I think you need to write a blog” he said.

“Do you?” I said as the cold hand of fear started to creep over my heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I have long dreamt of writing something. A blog, a story, a poem, a book (it is said that there is at least one book in everyone!) Despite my dreams I have managed to carefully avoid it all my life.

I want to do it, but I don’t want to do it.  I am afraid.

I love creative pursuits. I have painted all my life. I have had the courage (it took that for me) to share my art, to let it “out there”, to open myself to criticism, to be told I’m not good enough, to be able to lick my wounds and keep on going.   I wrestled with the doubts and finally put them to bed and that is where they stay most days.

Now, at a new stage in life as I launch a new creative business, that is close to my heart, I feel I need to do this work justice. I need people to know what about it.

Sense of Place. I want people to hear about it and understand what it is that I am trying to achieve. I need to communicate!

Write! The doubts and demons hop out of the bed and are ready to party!

  • I often misspell things and am (in)famous for typos. My grammar is not exactly great.
  • I will have to share my opinion. There is nowhere to hide.  I can’t please everybody. If I share my opinion, then I am destined to piss somebody off  
  • I might have an opinion today but, in the future, I might change my mind and those old words will come back to haunt me.
  • What would I write about?  What could I possibly have to say?
  • Who would want to read it?
  • Can I take the criticism when it comes?

So, to blog or not to blog. I have slept on it. I have twisted and turned. I’m sure to many people it is such a simple thing so why am I making a fuss about this? After all the musings I have made a decision. I will blog, at least I will give it a go.

These are my thoughts:

  • Life can get very small if you stay doing the same things over and over and do not step into the uncomfortable new.
  • How is it that my first thoughts about the future were all negative!  Why didn’t I think “Oh I’m going to love this”, “maybe people will love my blogs”?  Note to self, do not believe all my thoughts. They never have and never will give an accurate prediction of the future.
  • Who knows what new people / things / experiences may come into my life by having the courage to try.  


These are the guidelines I have set myself

  • Write about what I’m interested in.
  • Do not write to please other people.  Write for myself.
  • Do not take any heed over the number of people reading blog….. or not reading blog.  First and foremost, this is an exercise to challenge myself.
  • Do not fret about a typo, a mistake in grammar.  I will make mistakes. No doubt about it.

“I think you need to write a blog” he said.

I just did. It’s is a small one…. but today I like brevity!